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Simple Tips And Tricks To Chapters Interactive Stories That You Need To Know!

Chapters Interactive Stories is an incredible role-playing game published by crazy maple studio for Android and iOS platforms.

In the game, all players need to choose a character that plays all the roles in the chapters. Different stunning story chapters are added to the game which gamers can play according to need and mood.

It helps them play their favorite story and create their story like the real world. Also, it allows them to create a story like real life, or play the choices.

Different choices offered to players from which they can easily perform the next step or from which forward steps can be performed.

Choosing the right choices helps them make an incredible story as well as exploring more fun like no other can.

Playing the game smoothly with simple tips and cheats for chapters helps gamers to progress faster and relieve all mental stress.

Go for the right choices

The whole story depends on the choices that users choose for the next step. A wrong choice can destroy the entire chapter, so think twice before making a selection.

We are not saying to waste more time on thinking; it is recommended for all users to always go for the right choice.

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Putting some effort into the chapters allows you to perform this task correctly or to enjoy every moment of the game.

Earn more diamonds and tickets

Diamonds are the premium currency of the game from which superior tasks or new chapters can be unlocked.

Whereas tickets are considered the primary currency of the game from which the necessary tasks can be performed or upgraded to different Avatars.

Maintaining in-game currency in the right amount helps users to play smoothly without getting stressed or facing more barriers.

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Tips For Gathering Fortnite Funds

All types of games are designed by adding a specific kind of virtual currency. In case of Fortnite, the V-Bucks are playing this particular role. Use of

V-bucks is helpful in unlocking different types of things in the game. The most important thing on which the players need to be focused is how to get free v bucks. In the upcoming paragraphs, I’m going to mention these ways properly.

Help other players

Some players are participating in the battle with a team. These types of players have some opportunities by which they can gather a good amount of funds. This particular way is providing support or help to team members. By it, the players can get eligible for a special kind of reward. The reward is available in the form of V-Bucks. For completing such a task, they can provide a shield or proper defense to the allies. These activities can help you in earning minimum 100 V-bucks easily.

Complete the missions

In the game, the players get assigned with some missions. These types of missions are available with a good amount of reward. Everyone wants to claim the reward and boost the income of V-Bucks. For it, the players need to put efforts and try to complete the mission’s objectives as fast as possible. As a result, the players are able to receive in-game funds as the reward.

In-app purchases

The game is also featured with an in-app store. In the store, there is lots of game stuff and currency related offers are available. By accessing these options, the players are able to make several things easier. Some of these offers are tagged with real money. These offers can also help you in getting in-game funds in exchange for real money. You can find several related offers in the store.  

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Episode Choose Your Story Game Review Tips and Tricks

Episode – Choose Your Story is one of the best simulation game where decision making is most important tasks in this game.

With more than 1 lack unique and engaging stories from all type of genres, Episode Choose Your Story has unlimited entertainment for you.

Episode Interactive is the publisher of Episode Choose Your Story game. They have made a lot of efforts to write such an amazing stories for us to read and get involved in them.

As i said earlier, your decisions in these stories plays a very vital role because the choices you make in the stories will directly impact on the situations and on the relations of your in-story characters.

The amazing part of this game is that you need to create your own character for each story and you, as your character is in the center of the story you play.

This is the very brilliant way to get someone deeply involved in the stories of Episode game.

The Gems and Passes – What are they?

You have two main currencies in this game, first is Gems and second is Passes. These both are equally important, however you need gems more than passes in the game.


Gems are used to certain very very important choices in your stories, we can say that these choices are paid ones and you can only choose them when you have sufficient gems to exchange with these choices.

You can also customize your character by using these gems. Also for unlocking new stories is also can be done through gems only.

You can get free gems in the game whenever you complete all the episodes of any particular story. You can simply purchase gems by using your real world money.


Passes are your tickets to read any story with its all episodes or chapters. Your one pass can let you play all the episodes of a single story.

However, you can get free recharged passes for every 4 hours in the game. Than means there is not tension at all for you to think about getting free passes in the game.

In order to move forward in this game, you need to have these in-game currency compulsory with you. If you don't have any of the resource in the game, you cannot read/play stories or make any paid choices anymore.

Fortunately, sites like www.boardgameinfo.com have discovered a list of solutions about how to get free resources in the game by using the real episode choose your story hack. You must need to know about those legit ways they have mentioned on their site and in order to get free gems and passes, you can follow their legit ways without any issue.

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Write Your Own Stories

Apart from reading and playing stories, you can also write your own stories and get published them in the game easily. All you need to have is your personal computer or laptop for writing stories, a mobile device to test your stories in the game, and you must be 13 year old to do all these stuff.

Additionally, you can even earn money from your stories but the only condition is you need to be 18 years or older to be the earning writer of the episodes community.

Hope you will find this article helpfull and if so, please share it with your social media accounts so that everyone around your circle will also know about these facts about episode game.

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Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp- Efficient Tips To Improvise The Game

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp game is based on the crafting and decorating the campsite.  In the game, players have to play the role of the camp manager and that’s the aim of the gamers in become the best campsite manager in the animal crossing pocket camp world.  The game was launched in 2017 by Nintendo.  Basically, the game allows the players to feel the natural environment in the virtual world.  The game offers a variety of innovative features to the users in order to enjoy efficiently the game in their spare time.  In addition, the currency of the game is leaf ticket, which they have to earn by playing the several task of the game.  Leaf tickets can be purchased by spending the real money in the animal crossing pocket camp.  However, there are lots of players who cannot afford to spend the real money in the game, so use the animal crossing pocket camp tips and gain greater amount of leaf tickets and other resources as well. 

Furthermore, leaf ticket also allows the user to speed up the process of upgrade.  Along with this, there a hardworking man in the game named Cyrus, which helps the gamers to complete the task in the flick of seconds.  To active the Cyrus feature of the game, players have to utilize the leaf tickets in return of the Cyrus.  As I mentioned earlier, leaf tickets are hard to earn and especially for the beginners so allocate the animal crossing pocket camp cheats and learn epic tactics used by the top players.

Guidelines To Enhance The Gameplay

There are lots of tricks and tips are available on the internet and sometimes they did not go well that users wished for, so through this players will attain the relevant information regarding the animal crossing pocket camp game.

·         In this game, players have to visit various places in order to meet new animals and attain their support to become the good campsite manager.

·         Lots are players are unable to pay attention on each and every thing in the game and lost little things that will help the users in the future, so to know about those little things read animal crossing pocket camp review of the top players.

·         Players have to complete the task or events of the game and earn the leaf tickets to buy lots of new items in order to decorate it.

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